Who We Are

The Stineri Difference

STINERI MEDICAL WASTE SOLUTIONS is a healthcare waste management company, dedicated to bringing convenient and environmentally sustainable solutions to healthcare institutions.

Our Expertise

Our expertise and collaborations with the world’s leading medical waste companies enable us to comprehensively assess your needs and develop customized affordable solutions for our clients.

Our Goal

Our goal is to contribute to our communities and the environment through advocacy and promotion of eco-friendly disposal practices within the healthcare industry.


Our Products

Our medical waste management options are of the highest standards and ensure effective, clean and sustainable treatment of all kinds of medical waste. Our product ranges include:

Solid Waste Management

We Our Solid Waste Management Systems Cutting-edge, microwave technology based medical waste sterilization systems which eliminates the use of water and flames

Surgical Fluid Waste

Our Surgical Fluid Waste Management Systems includes the STREAMWAY System-a fully automated, Direct-To-Drain surgical fluid waste management systems

Healthcare Wastewater

Our Healthcare Wastewater Treatment system is an integration of biological treatment and membrane filtration into a single process

Pneumatic Waste Transfer

Our Pneumatic Waste Transfer Systems uses vertical and horizontal pipelines with an effective vacuum mechanism to streamline collection

Sharps Management

We offer durable FDA cleared sharps disposal containers for outstanding protection against penetrating sharps and leaking fluids.